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Tigray Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Area does not rely on foundation or corporate dollars for support.
Our work in providing educational, social, cultural and charitable assistance is made possible by membership dues,
individual donations and volunteer hours. Your gift today helps us get one step closer to achieving our mission.

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Private giving allows us to continue providing cultural, educational and recreational programs for the community. It is an investment which helps to preserve and share the Tigrean Ethiopian cultural and historical heritage for future generations. Any donation amount is always appreciated.

Other Ways to Give

Volunteer: You don’t have to give money to donate to us. Volunteering your time or services is a great way to be part of the work we do here at the Center. We rely on the valuable support our organization with annually with various backgrounds, talents, and skill levels. Let us know your interests and availabilities today!

Sponsorship: Sponsor an event, become a program partner, or advertise with us to expand your brand.

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Tigray Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Area
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Please enclose your mailing address so that we can express our gratitude and your e-mail if you wish to join our e-mail list and get notification of our events and activities.

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