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Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve, support, and advance the interest of the members of Tigrean Community in the Washington DC metropolitan area. While The Tigray Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Area (TCA-WDA) special commitment is to advance the cause of Tigrean community, it will serve the aim to build a strong, unified, and caring Tigrean community; where youth, adults, and elders are engaged and contributing to mutual advancement through educational, social, economic, and cultural ties.

General Purpose

The name of the community will be The Tigray Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Area (TCA-WDA). The Washington DC Metropolitan Area covers the States of Maryland and Virginia and the District of Columbia.

The Tigray Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Area (TCA-WDA) is a non-profit charity community and organized exclusively for the purposes set forth in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 and the DC Nonprofit Organization Act

The Tigray Community Association Washington DC Metropolitan Area (TCA-WDA) works to bring all Tigreans together to unite their skills, knowledge and expertise to solve the educational, cultural, social and economic problems the community members and their offspring are facing and to preserve and promote our values

To strengthen relations with similar international communities in general and Ethiopian communities in particular

To help our children in their learning and acquiring desired behavior in shaping them to be competent and responsible citizens. Educate them our culture, language, tradition, and values.

To establish one strong community center and branch centers when the need and ability so requires. The community center will include:

  1. Offices of the community and its departments
  2. After-school and week end tutoring program for our children and other classes that educate our children to preserve culture, language and tradition of Ethiopia in general and their ancestral Tigreans in particular. Furthermore, to enable them to know each other and strengthen their relation.
  3. Meeting hall and recreation

Assist and educate members:

  1. Their rights and responsibilities, basic rules, regulations, civil rights and policies of The United States associated with their daily life.
  2. Tigrigna, Amharic, English and other languages, basics of computer and health education

To share happiness and challenges of members and immediate family members during death and accident

To provide mediation services to members to diminish conflicts and misunderstandings among members, families and with other Ethiopians and the community at large

To exchange important information pertinent for the life of members in US. This may include information related to health, education, jobs, other social services, etc.

To conduct research on the problems of members and propose feasible projects

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